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How It Works

For Standard Issue and Lite Boxes:

This box can be either a subscription (our recommendation- set it and forget it) or a one time purchase. The price you see includes BOTH the Front Lines box AND Home Front box (taxes and Home Front shipping calculated at check out).

Step 1. Under the "Boxes" page, choose either a "Standard Issue Box" or the "Fronts Lite Box". These will be mystery boxes, so products featured in the pictures are only examples of some of the great vendors we've partnered with.

Step 2. The first box you choose will be going to the Front Lines; choose the box that you think best fits the person down range (Rugged or Relaxing). On the same page, there will be two options; choose the one that works best for the Home Front hero (Rugged or Relaxing) and add to the cart.

Step 3. Once you have added the combination that works for you to your cart you will enter the Front Line hero's shipping address in the "cart notes" section of the checkout page. It is very important to enter this address exactly as is confirmed by the recipient's receipt of mail prior to delivery. Then click "Checkout".

Step 4. Go to the checkout page and enter the Home Front hero's shipping and billing address. You will receive separate shipping information for both boxes and steps on how to track each delivery along with order updates to the email address provided at checkout.

Step 5. Wait for the goodies!

Step 6. Let us know what you think! Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to share how Fronts has connected the Front Lines to the Home Front in your relationship! We can't wait to see your relationships grow and improve.


For Boot Camp, Pre-Mission, or Reintegration Kit:

Step 1. All tools and goodies will be packed together in one box and sent to the address in the "ship to" section of the order.