***We are no longer taking orders. Thank you to all who have supported us in our effort to support our Heroes. We will update you should we start taking orders again, Charlie Mike!***


 Who are the boxes for?

Our boxes are designed for families (mostly couples in a relationship) who don’t want to lose any ground in caring for their significant other or themselves while separated. We know from personal experience it’s easy to get wrapped up in the daily tasks of the mission (on both Fronts) and pouring into your relationship takes time and energy. We will provide tools to encourage a healthy relationship, along with personal encouragement to each Front, as well as fun surprises each month to care for yourself.

What is a "relationship booster" and how do we use it?

Every month both boxes will include the same relationship booster. They are curated and intended to facilitate a healthy relationship despite the challenge of being separated. The way you use it is up to you, but we will include some suggestions or thoughts each month on how to use it or why we chose it.

 Why is everything signed “Charlie Mike” or “C. M.”?

Charlie Mike is the radio call sign for “continue mission”. The phrase is meaningful to use in the context of encouraging each other, knowing that you are knee deep in the mission, whether that’s M-ATV maintenance, tracking drones, and KP or changing diapers, sweeping the floor for the hundredth time, doing the laundry, paying the bills, feeding the dog, mowing the lawn, and KP (Home Front heroes- I hear you!). You can’t quit in the middle of the mission so take a breath and keep on plowing through; Charlie Mike.

What is the minimum separation time that we could use Fronts?

We would suggest ordering if the separation is six weeks or longer. We would hate for a Front Lines box to get sent down range if the Front Lines hero be already on their way home.

Do you offer anything for kids?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. We know child and parent separation is just as hard and we are working on boxes with age appropriate relationship builders and goodies for parents and kids who are separated due to deployment.

Can I place an order for someone other than myself?

YES! If you want to support the relationship of a couple you love (think kids, grandkids, neighbors and their significant others) and spoil them with fun surprises during a tough season, place an order with the Home Front hero on the ship-to address at checkout and the Front Lines hero in the cart notes. It is extremely important we get the exact address of the Front Lines hero so there is no delay or confusion on where their box is headed.

Does this have anything to do with sex?

No, none what so ever. We recognize each couple will vary in their beliefs on how to handle that sensitive topic while separated. This box is designed to care for the emotional health of the relationship as well as spoil the Home Front and Front Lines each month to help pass the time and encourage each hero.

Why is this so expensive?

Our main goal is to support our heroes on the Front Lines and Home Front, but second to that is to support small businesses; all the products we choose are small batch, unique, American-made goods. Also, due to the unique model, everything is doubled (goods, packaging material, labor). The relationship with my husband is invaluable and I'm willing to do what it takes to protect that during separations, it's money well spent all around.

Why are the boxes arriving at different times if they’re shipped at the same time?

Domestic mail can be somewhat predictable, but when shipping overseas to APO's delivery times can vary widely. We suggest whoever gets their box first be patient, at least with the relationship booster, so it can be done together.